Construction Insurance Claims Attorneys in Chandler, Arizona

Construction insurance claims usually come into play when damage occurs on a construction project due to the work of a contractor or subcontractor. These claims can be made against another contractor's insurance policy or against your own policy.

Insurance companies have specific tactics to lowball or deny your claim. This could involve denying a claim without a valid reason, delaying payment, or failing to conduct a thorough investigation. If you suspect bad faith, it's crucial to consult with professionals who can guide you through the process and protect your rights. 

At Arnett & Arnett, PC, we strongly believe that construction insurance claims should be handled by professionals. Our team of experienced attorneys is ready to assist you every step of the way. 

Common Construction Claims

Our experience has taught us that construction claims can take numerous forms. Here are some common ones that we often encounter: 

  • Property damage: This can occur when an element of a construction project, such as a poorly installed plumbing fixture or electrical wiring, causes damage to the property. This could be due to water leakage, fire, or structural damage. 

  • Wear and tear exclusions: These claims arise when insurance companies refuse to cover damages they attribute to "wear and tear," a term often used in insurance policies to exclude coverage for damage that occurs gradually over time. 

  • Water or flooding damage: Often, these damages result from a plumber incorrectly installing a pipe, water heater, or another plumbing fixture, causing leaks or floods in the building. 

  • Fire damage: This type of claim is common when an electrician installs wire or electrical fixtures improperly, leading to a fire on the project. 

  • Roofing damage: If a roofer improperly installs a roof system and it leads to a leak, this can cause considerable damage to the structure. 

  • Heavy equipment mishandling: A heavy equipment operator mishandling an excavator, bulldozer, lift, or crane can cause property damage or bodily injuries on the project site. 

  • Storm-related damage: Sometimes, a storm can cause damage to the building, structure, or materials, leading to a claim. 

In each of these situations, our team is ready to help you navigate the complexities of the insurance claim process. We understand the unique challenges these cases present and are committed to ensuring you receive fair compensation for your losses. 

Knowledgeable Legal Guidance

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Don't Accept the First Offer

When negotiating with insurance companies, it's crucial not to accept the first offer. Insurance companies often dish out lowball settlement offers hoping claimants will accept them out of desperation or lack of knowledge. However, accepting an inadequate offer can leave you with insufficient compensation for your losses. 

Our team of experienced negotiators will carefully assess the value of your claim and determine a fair settlement amount. We won't settle for less than what you deserve. We'll engage in strategic negotiations with the insurance company, presenting strong arguments and supporting evidence to justify the full value of your claim. Our goal is to maximize your settlement and ensure you're fully compensated for your damages. 

Working with our experienced attorneys means your claim is in capable hands. We have a deep understanding of construction insurance claims and know how to navigate the complexities of the process. We'll tirelessly fight to protect your rights and secure the best possible outcome for your case. 

Steps to Take to Maximize Your Settlement

Maximizing your settlement of insurance claims involves several important steps. First and foremost, it's crucial to have a well-documented claim file. This includes gathering all relevant evidence such as invoices, contracts, emails, photographs, videos, and correspondence. Our team will assist you in compiling this evidence and ensuring it's properly organized and presented to the insurance company. 

Also, you will need to understand what to expect during the negotiation process. Our experienced attorneys will guide you through each step, providing you with the necessary information and advice to make informed decisions. We'll help you determine a settlement amount that accurately reflects the full extent of your damages and losses. 

Throughout the negotiation process, it's vital to remain calm and composed. Letting frustration get the better of you can hinder the progress of your claim and potentially damage your chances of a favorable settlement. Our team will handle all communication and negotiations with the insurance company, allowing you to focus on your business and personal life. 

Construction Insurance Claims Attorneys in Chandler, Arizona

At Arnett & Arnett, PC, we're here to help you navigate the complexities of construction insurance claims. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation. We're committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients, ensuring that you receive the compensation you deserve.